The Distant Future…the Year 2000

Any Flight of the Conchords fans out there? I used to watch that video anytime I was feeling a bit blue and needed a pick me up.

ANYWAY…I’ve got quite a lot of races coming up and I’m pretty darn excited about them. Without further ado:

1) Not actually signed up for one…but I’d like to do a Turkey Trot. I never have before, and ever since the Redondo Beach Fourth of July 5K I’d really like to get in as many holiday races as possible! I purposely bought an Indian Princess costume 50% off after Halloween for this. That and as a backup costume for #3 (see below). Anyway, the problem is I’m not sure where I’ll be for Thanksgiving yet…

2) Venice Beach/Santa Monica Christmas 5K/10K – 12/8/12


Keeping in theme with the holiday races! There’s an option to run both the 5K and the 10K which is the plan…again, haven’t registered yet due to my family’s propensity for last-minute travel!

3) Tinkerbell Half Marathon – 1/20/13


Reaaaaaaaaaaally excited about this seeing as I signed up for it the day registration opened! I’m definitely running in costume, and I have a few ideas in mind, although one is my favorite. Steve and I are also staying Sunday night and taking Monday off so we can spend the day in the park! I LOVE DISNEYLAND.

4) Redondo Beach 10K – 2/3/13 (Super Bowl Sunday!)


Local race, costumes, beach…need I say more? I’ve never done this one before but running around Redondo I always see people in their 10K shirts…next year so will I! AND I get to do the course TWICE since the training for LA calls for 12 miles that day…hey, at least I can eat whatever I want at someone’s Super Bowl Party. You’ve been warned.

5) Mermaid Half Marathon San Diego – 2/10/13


I actually learned about this race through this girl…it seems like a great women’s-focused girl-power race…small and cheap (just how I like ‘em?). I’ve got 19 miles on the books that day, so my friend Wendy and I will be doubling up on the 10k and Half Marathon. Pray for us.

6) LA Marathon – 3/17/13

2013 LAM Logo Final.HorizontalwR.293

The big kahuna. I’ve had my sights set on this marathon for a while. I’m from LA, it’s an awesome course, and PV Runners is super excited about it! I’ve heard mixed reviews about the race, mainly the logistics, but I want to judge for myself. Doesn’t hurt that I’ll get an extra medal for the LA-SF Challenge!


Come to mama…

7) San Francisco Marathon – 6/16/13


Love this logo.

I went a little crazy and signed up for the SF Full. I’ve ran the first half twice, in 2010 and 2012, and LOVED it both times. I love running in San Francisco…but those wimpy half medals make me sad, so now I’m going big or going home. Probably the latter…on a stretcher.

8) Ragnar Socal ??? – 4/19-4/20


Another race inspired by the likes of Skinny Runner and SarahOUAL. This is really up in the air, as I’ve just started sowing the seeds amongst friends. Hopefully it will happen! For some reason being stuck in a van with sweaty friends with little sleep and running at all hours of the day sounds AWESOME to me. Plus I really want that car sticker. (Do we sense a theme with material possessions here?)

9) New York City Marathon?! – 11/2/13

Extreeeeeeeemely up in the air, especially given the events of this year. But…NYCM has been a dream of mine. Plus, it’s in November, which means it’s a birthday marathon. The reason I NEED to do it next year is it’s the big 3-0! What better way to ring in a new decade of life than by running one of the most iconic marathons in the world?

So uh…my fingers hurt just typing all that up. Hopefully I haven’t bitten off more than I can chew…

About alifromatoz

I'm Ali, a (late) 20-something student with the humor of a 20-year-old frat boy living in beautiful Southern California. I like to run, practice yoga, play dodgeball, and try new things. I'm engaged in a constant battle with my inner sloth to live life to the fullest!
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