World Dodgeball Society’s Halloween Spooktacular!

So I play this little sport called dodgeball. We have open gyms, leagues, as well as tournaments throughout the year. Don’t you scoff…it can actually be really competitive and a great workout! But mostly we have fun and dress up.

This past weekend was our annual Halloween Tournament. Even though the majority of us dress in costumes as much as possible, this tournament has to be my favorite because the creative genius that comes out of everyone is incredible!

This year we had some amazing themes: Austin Powers (complete with freakin sharks with freakin laser beams attached to their heads), Kill Bill (Steve’s team!), Mimes (they didn’t talk the ENTIRE tournament which is seriously difficult when you play dodgeball), old fogies, etc. I’m on an all-girl tournament team with a really inappropriate name: something that rhymes with “hunt” Punch, and we zombified ourselves for the tourney!

wdsSeriously frightening. (Photo by the talented Allison Knight)


Do I look intimidating? Or just special?  (image cred: Allison Knight)


They came in second place!




Winners! (Allison’s again, yes we have a professional photographer. We’re kind of a big deal).

About alifromatoz

I'm Ali, a (late) 20-something student with the humor of a 20-year-old frat boy living in beautiful Southern California. I like to run, practice yoga, play dodgeball, and try new things. I'm engaged in a constant battle with my inner sloth to live life to the fullest!
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