Flashback Time!

So a lot of cool things happened in the last few weeks. I was itching to write about it but didn’t have the time to set up my blog until now…so I’ll be doing some flashback posts!

First up is my trip to New York and Boston!


This backpack has gotten me through a lot of travels, ever since my days in London

The boyfriend, Steve,  and I headed to New York to be a part of my beautiful friend Jen’s beautiful wedding! I was a bridesmaid (my first time!) and it was a blast! That’s a lot of exclamation points!!!


Double-fisting…bridesmaid style.


I loved my hair (inspiration from Pinterest!)

Jen’s lucky groom is from England, and Jen had the forethought to put me and Steve at the “Brit” table for the reception. Steve of course made friends with all the Brits (despite his horrible fake-British accent), and he soon defected to the other side when we had a Britain vs. America “Who can fit the most people in the photo booth?” contest. They beat us (even though we used the 3 year old flower girl to squeeze 6 in there, they still managed 7!!) and for some reason no one understood when I called Steve “Benedict Arnold.”


The happy couple, with a serving knife hand-carved by the groom’s brother.


Reunion! King and John Mark. We all lived in a hostel in London together.

Jen and I met in London back in 2007. We had both just graduated college and moved to London on a work abroad program. We became friends as soon as she got over my acerbic/sarcastic sense of humor (I thought sarcasm was the BEST way to make new friends!?) and we traveled all over Europe and Northern Africa together. We hung out for a precious month when I moved to New York to attend NYU before she up and left to Australia (can you tell we like to move around a lot?). Once I graduated from NYU I took a trip to visit her in Australia and we traveled through Thailand. She’s also come to California a couple times to run the San Francisco Half Marathon with me…each time exclaiming that California “is the best ever!” Still working on convincing her to move here instead of England with her new hubby. I mean…In N’ Out beats Fish and Chips…right? But seriously, it was a gorgeous wedding and I was so thrilled to be a part of it…congratulations you two crazy kids!

I’ll have some more pictures of the wedding once Jen gets the official photographs…I’m thinking the photographer got a pretty great shot of Steve and I performing “Gangnam style”…stay tuned for that.

Next up…Steve and I head to Boston to see his sister, brother-in-law, and nephew!

About alifromatoz

I'm Ali, a (late) 20-something student with the humor of a 20-year-old frat boy living in beautiful Southern California. I like to run, practice yoga, play dodgeball, and try new things. I'm engaged in a constant battle with my inner sloth to live life to the fullest!
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